Terms Of Service

Artwork Genie Ltd (hereafter referred to as AWG), is a provider of professional artwork and animated artwork created to the order of AWG's Clients.

Any project or concept discussed with AWG is discussed in complete and total confidence during which time agreement on format and style of creation, timescale, price and the timing and method of payment will all be agreed.

As soon as the Client gives AWG confirmation to start work, the Client accepts full liability to pay for those services at the rate agreed prior to commencement.

Should a Client wish to cancel the order then Client will still be liable to pay for any work already done.

AWG will never alter its prices after quotation, however AWG will charge for any additional work such as alterations to brief or revisions to scripts, any such additional charges will be quoted to Client prior to those works being carried out.

AWG will work on the project until Client approves the result, once that is achieved AWG will enable Client to download the product, subject to payment terms having been met.