Artwork Genie Ltd (hereafter referred to as AWG), is a provider of professional artwork and animated artwork created to the order of AWG's Clients.

Product is delivered to our Clients using private areas of our Website requiring that viewers provide a username and password in order to view content.

Unauthorised access to private areas of this site is not permitted, anyone finding access to material that they are not intended to see must report the problem immediately via our contacts page.

Any one attempting to log in using Usernames and Passwords other than those issued to them will be referred to the relevant authorities.

AWG will endeavor to keep its content secure and confidential at all times however AWG will not accept liability for any issues arising from the actions of hackers or other third parties illicitly and or deliberately gaining access to restricted areas of the site.

The AWG website has Public Galleries which are populated with images for which permission has been given either by our Copyright/IP Policy, or from our artists own portfolio's, already on public display and from whom we have received assurance that they have necessary permission to display the work.

If anyone has any concern regarding the permission to display a certain piece of artwork they must inform us immediately via our contacts page, wherein the offending article will be removed pending further investigation.